Our Friends



We Owe a Lot to our Friends!

Along the path to developing HearFones®, we've met many wonderful friends. There's simply no way to mention or thank all of them, but some simply must be recognized.
  Friends who help us sell:   Friends who instruct us:   Friends in our community:

Since our first sales, in March, 1998, through the Music Stand catalog, HearFones have gone global with the help of these friends:

We met Virtual Voices at the East Coast CASA Summit in 1998, and they've handled our Web sales for years.

Music in Motion has enthusiastic-ally sold HearFones since 1998.

Jan Binney's Speech Bin catalog was our introduction to the SLP field, in 1999.

Howard Austin's Born to Sing has carried HearFones since 1999.

Abilitations has offered HearFones to special-needs folks since 2006.

Scott Rabb's Just Gotta Sing has carried HearFones since 2006.

Vocal-Care has carried HearFones exclusively for European sales since 2009.


The science behind HearFones has humbled us before some of the world's best teachers and researchers:

Sweden's Royal Institute of Tech-nology graciously performed the first analysis of HearFones, inviting us to present at PEVOC IV (2001) in Stockholm.

The University of Tampere (Fin-land) researched and published the first academic paper on the Effects of HearFones on Speaking and Singing Voice Quality (Journal of Voice, Volume 18, Issue 4, Pages 475-487).

Lisa attended HearFones' talk at PEVOC IV in Stockholm and has been a voice of encouragement ever since.

Michael White's Optimal Breathing program discovered the effects of HearFones in changing peoples' lives.

Alice Thomas and Glenda Thorne discovered HearFones in their work with learning development at the Center for Developmental Learning.


Over the years, we've made many fast friends around the world:

We've found the Voice Foundation to be one of the finest families of people in the world.

Visit themodernvocalist.com

The Modern Vocalist is a vibrant, growing Web-based community of singing afficionados

We met CASA at their East Coast Summit in 1998, and they fell in love with HearFones instantly! "Got Spit?"

No one is more serious about the sounds they make than Barber-shoppers. HearFones would never have happened without them!

HearFones® is a registered trademark of NEXTEP Incorporated,
creators of great new products designed and manufactured right here in Maine.